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Author: Kwench / November 6, 2019 12:48

If there is one thing that you can definitely count on in life, it’s inconsistency. Life as a journey always endures ups and downs. We encounter challenges and obstacles at every step. Opportunities become triumphs.
But there’s also one other thing that’s constant – YOU.


You were, are and will always be the Captain of your ship. If you are weak and shaky, you will be batted about like a rowboat in a hurricane. But if you have inner strength, you will able to face any curveball thrown by changes in life. 

Use your inner strength to make the most of the good times and to get through the worst. Just as physical exercise is important for maintain your body, it is vital to tune up your mental strength.

Here are few tips:

1. Learn who you are

Your personality is the foundation of your power. Understand who you are, get comfortable in your own skin and learn how you function best. When you are really happy with yourself, the outside world can do lesser damage and you can have more peace. Always remember that insecurity can dampen your inner-strength.


2. Spend time with yourself

Move away from noise and distractions of the world at times. Such disruptions can hurt your core, leaving you fatigued. Set aside some time - at least a day in a month - to move away from your routine and distractions. Switch off your mobile phone, no internet, no entertainment or people. Take time only for yourself to connect with your own thoughts and with nature. This is the best way to rejuvenate your inner strength.

3. Organize your life

Organize anything you do in life. Control what you can control in order to focus efforts on the things which you can’t control. Work on increasing your efficiency and plan your tasks. Note down your daily jobs, charting processes that require minimum to maximum efforts, be it for physical tasks or mental. You'll be thrilled with the time and brain space you would have.

4. Create the right circle

Surround yourself with positive people as the wrong people can deplete your energy. The inner weakness of wrong companions can harm your inner core. Build your world with others who are strong inside. Make friends with people who are strong inside and celebrate you, bringing positive energy into your life.

5. Gain control of your body, your life

Health is wealth. Your inner strength can peak only when you are fit physically. Make a strong effort to be fit. Develop healthy eating habits, join gym or go for a run or do yoga or engage in your favourite sporting activity. Take care of your appearance for a feel-good and confidence factor. Be proactive about your health, and you can use your body to strengthen your soul. Feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and your day will readily start on a wonderful and powerful note.


6. Connect with the source of your power

You can gain inner strength by connecting with your spiritual source, irrespective of your religion. Pray, meditate or spare some deep thoughts in order to centre yourself in the universe and comprehend your role in the bigger scheme of life. Connect your core with the world around you, and amplify your inner strength.

Always remember, the mind is where every great transformation begins.