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Why am I scared of being alone with myself?

Constant stream of uncontrollable thoughts can be a roller coaster ride, difficult to get a grip on.  To recognise and become aware of these feelings and emotions is the beginning of the process of self-awareness which helps to come back to the present moment. 

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Why do I feel disconnected ?

When was the last time you intentionally disconnected with all that is happening around you? Had a quite time for yourself? Spent it on observing what is going on in between your ears? Could have been a while? No wonder you are constantly busy, even while you seem to be resting.   

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Why do I find Meditation to be hard ?

Meditation is tough. It needs lots of consistent work. To almost all of us, it does not come naturally. If you think rewiring you mind is easy, think again. But the best thing you are doing is trying. Any small amount of work is better than no work. It will all lead to improvement.

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Why can’t I sit still?

There could multiple things that could be preventing you from being still. But that is not the point. Point is to still sit. Every day, for the same amount of time, at the same time, no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

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