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Kwench Wear is a brand of premium Yoga Wear, Gym Clothes and Workout Apparel based in the United Kingdom. Driven by the philosophy of #Madefromstrength, Kwench endeavors to partner with every single individual and facilitate their journey towards excellence. Strength knows no gender, age, shape or size. Nor is it a special quality possessed only by athletes and sportspeople. Strength is the journey that takes us from being the individuals we are born as, to becoming the achievers we want to be.

Kwench Workout Gear is revolutionary in its design and functionality. Distinctive and stylish, it is made from high quality breathable materials and tailored for today’s fitness enthusiasts. Every piece is tried, tested and pushed to its limits by our best professionals via high-intensity workouts to ensure maximum performance and highest comfort.


The Kwench community is one that is never content with ‘average’ or ‘mediocre’. Each Kwench garment will serve as a badge of Strength and Inspiration that represents a relentless commitment to discovering the infinite world of strength and possibilities hidden within oneself.


To inspire people to overcome lethargy, build self-discipline, conquer their demons and take control of their life so that they have time & space; time to give back to the society & environment and space for empathy and compassion.
To find a purpose to serve, along with a lifestyle to live. 



We believe that people can discover facets that they never knew existed within them. Getting out of one’s comfort zones help people discover their inner strengths.

Our mission is to help people discover their inner strengths. To empower them to reach their true potential. 




We define Strength as the journey that takes us from being the individuals we are born as, to becoming the achievers we want to be. The individuals we are born as may be made from flesh, blood and bones. But the achievers we want to become are Made from Strength.

And Made from Strength is the core philosophy that drives Kwench Sportswear. More than the strength of the body, it is the strength of the mind that Kwench represents. Because we believe that the mind is where every great transformation first takes root.

Take a leap of faith, set a higher challenge – and Kwench shall partner you in this journey towards being the best version of yourself.