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Gyms Open Vs Gyms Closed

Author: Kwench / Mai 19, 2021 12:28

So Gyms are opening in some countries while they are shutting down in others. 

The thing about being happy with Gyms opening; is that there will be misery when they close ! 

Are we so vulnerable that our joy depends on a location being open or close?    

We know the connection between physical activity and mental health. Also training at the Gym has a social aspect where people meet and talk with each other, which is helpful.  

But fitness is an Experience and Experience is of the Mind.  

Experiencing good physical & mental health and most importantly mental stability is not just a matter of getting your heart rate up or your muscles pumped up. 

We have seen in current tough times where many young and physically fit people succumbing to the pandemic. 

It is about building Resilience – a capacity to resist mental stress and maintain good mental health during periods of psychological stress.  

That’s the workout, the Training, the Practice.