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Why do I feel disconnected ?

Author: Kwench / June 23, 2021 12:13

Because you are.  

At the pace we are at, it is absolutely normal to lose contact with ourselves. So much stuff happening all the time in and around you, forget about getting ahead, just keeping track and making sense of it all can be overwhelming. No wonder you are constantly busy, even while you seem to be resting.   

When was the last time you intentionally disconnected with all that is happening around you? Had a quite time for yourself? Spent it on observing what is going on in between your ears? Could have been a while?  

Now that you are here, it is more important than ever, that you get back in touch.  


self aware

Do whatever you know that works or might work. Seek, search, pursue, find and try.  Try different things. What works for some one else might also work for you, but all practices lead to the same place...get on it.  

Do not stop till you find your connection. It will be the best thing you have done for yourself.