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If there is one thing that you can definitely count on in life, it’s inconsistency. Life as a journey always endures ups and downs. We encounter challenges and obstacles at every step. Opportunities become triumphs. But there’s also one other thing that’s constant – YOU. #MADE FROM STRENGTH You were, are and will always be the Captain of your ship. If you are weak and shaky, you will be batted about like a rowboat in a hurricane. But if you have inner strength, you will able to face any curveball thrown by changes in life.  Use your inner strength to make the most of the good times and to get through the worst. Just as physical exercise is important for maintain...

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With the fast pace of daily life, regular exercise has become a critical factor in improving not only physical strength and endurance, but inner strength and confidence as well. Benefits of different exercise routines can vary, but total physical and mental health development are a definitive result. Commitment to a regular fitness regimen can boost a person’s inner strength as well as confidence, which elevate every aspect of life.  BUILDING STRENGTH, FROM OUTSIDE IN – what’s your style? 1) CARDIO & STRENGTH TRAINING Fitness routines with cardio and strength training on a daily basis help develop a strong core, consequently giving one a better posture, stamina and endurance. A better posture makes individuals appear more confident, while achieving fitness goals drives...

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