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Author: Kwench / November 6, 2019 12:41

Being STRONG. What does it mean?

Various definitions in Dictionaries include the following:

  • Having or marked by great physical power
  • Having moral or intellectual power
  • Having great resources (as wealth or talent)

        Well, “being strong” can capture essence of all the above mentioned meanings: a strong person has great capability at facing challenges. A strong individual possesses the resources, the mental skills, and the physical capabilities to face difficulties of any kind. As a strong person, you will have energy to act and fight back even if a challenge drains you of energy, all thanks to your inner strength. Yes, inner strength will make you the strongest.


        Just remember a few things when you start building your inner strength:

        1. Remember, strength is the opposite of aggression

        Most people act aggressively out of defense as they are not strong enough to tackle a crisis. They end up driving people away in an attempt to cover their inner weakness and avoid real confrontation. Strong individuals do not need to resort to aggression because they know it well that they have the power and skills to tackle any crisis or complicated situation.

        2. Mental and physical strength cannot be separated

        Always remember that physical and mental strength work in synergy and complement each other to make an individual strong. Several studies have shown that physical exercise is an effective way for treating clinical depression. To build and enhance inner strength, you must build both physical endurance and mental muscle.


        3. Identify your natural strengths

        We are born with unique individual capabilities and skills. The right way to build your inner strength is to identify and focus on your specific skills and enhance them. All of us are born with unique capabilities and skills, and the way to build one's strength is to focus on these specific skills and grow them. Don't focus on what you know you are just not good at. 

        4. Mental strength is harder to track

        Changes in physical strength are easily noticeable – weight loss, toned muscles and increased stamina. It is much harder to track changes in mental strength. However there are signs that can help you to understand if there improvements in inner strength. Take note of little details like – has your temperament changed where you don’t get annoyed or angry like you used to before? Is there a change in the way people respond to you? How do you feel when you open your eyes in the morning?


        Inner strength building is neither an easy nor a quick task. It is a lifelong process. Just remember that there will be road bumps along the way to achieve that strength but there is no easy path to attain the right balance of physical strength and mental strength. If done right, this strength will not only help when problem arises, but it will eventually become habit. Being strong then will become a part of your identity.