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You cannot practice Meditation.

Constant technological interruptions and targetted interventions have been successful in preventing us from achieving concentration; a fundamental building block of physical, mental, creative, spiritual and overall holistic well being. As technology gathers and learns from all the inputs it collects from our behaviour, it becomes stronger and ever - more precise in keeping us engaged. If there is no intense and honest counter effort to retain our focus and turn our agency inwards, dissonance at personal and social level will intensify. There are no two ways about it.

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Mind Control through Abhyasa & Vairagya

It is extremely difficult to control the mind. Hence no failure should not be taken seriously and no success as final. Failures, instead should be spurs to more determined, sustained and intelligent efforts.  Through continous Practice and Detachment , Mind controlled is possible and every doubt to the contrary must be ignored.

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Mind and Matter - in light of Yoga

Though the Mind seems to cognize but it is not the cognizer, it is not the source of light even if it seems luminous. It borrows its radiance from the Self (Atman) and acts just as an internal instrument (Antahakaran) for it. It is through mind, the Self i.e. Atman or pure consciousness, that is free and eternal, apprehends and responds to the external world.

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Yoga Sutra, the Darshana of Patanjali

Yoga is the technique to arrest our awareness and gradually bring it from the state of being disturbed and being all over the place to gradually becoming calm , focussed and ultimately concentrated. All individual efforts and actions which help one become concentrated are nothing but the activities of Yoga. 

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