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Wearing the right Gym Vest or Stringer can be a performance booster.

If your looking for a new men's Yoga or gym vest then Kwench is your brand. Practicing yoga or working out in a tank top or vest at the gym or Yoga studio not only displays your hard earned muscle gains but  also allows for maximum range of motion unrestricted by clothing. All our mens yoga and gym vests and muscle tank tops are made to suit your body type so that you can focus on your training!

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You cannot win in life when you are losing in your mind. Inner strength and a positive attitude are indispensable assets to achieving any goal. So, hit the neighbourhood gym, go for a run or do yoga, or even drop to the floor at home for a few planks in the morning, ensure that you achieve a certain fitness level. After all, strong bodies are usually the healthiest, happiest, and most successful.

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